Dream and Remember

My Biography

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog “Dreamandremember”. My name is Zorica Gillar and I am going to begin with a few sentences about myself. When I was 20 years old I left my dreams behind me. Circumstances in my country forced me to make such a decision. Most of us gladly complain on circumstances in our lives, we blame this and that for not doing what we really love or for not becoming what we had dreamt of. Even for years I had been thinking in that direction. Certainly, there have been wonderful moments in my life. My husband-my great love; my daughter-the biggest gift in my life. In 2012 it seemed that I was losing that small piece of ground under my feet. Instead of self-pity I chose fight, as I have always done. Russian writer A. Chekhov once said “If you want to learn about your creativity, you have to work on yourself!” And that’s how my exciting adventure began. Digging for buried dreams took its place. As the time was passing, I felt the necessity to share the knowledge I had experienced through my work more and more. I think that there is no use of unapplied knowledge and talent. In August 2014 I discovered that a Blog might be an opportunity for my creative expression. Through this blog I want to convey the part of my positivism, faith in good, as well as courage to go forward no matter what the current circumstances are. When talking about my fashion approach I would like to quote Edwin Barnes. On the question why he needed 31 suits he replied “I do not wear 31 suits of clothes entirely for the impression they make on other people; I do it mostly for the impression they have on me. “ That’s the case with me too. With my fashion combinations I first make an impression on myself every day, and then I share it with others who also like fashion and style. My special message to those of you who will visit “Dreamandremember” to read a few lines and inspire yourselves with fashion is: Never stop looking for that special something in life because only those who look for it have a chance of finding it.