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"Every piece of jewelry tells a story!"

I haven’t written blog posts for a long time, not because of lack of inspiration but because of lack of time.
Each of us should learn to respect his/her limits and not give away too much of yourself because the end result may be negative.
I respect my limits, but my body sent some signals. Despite everything, I always find a little time for fashion. I’m still active on Instagram and follow the work of others because I want to be up-to-date following the collection of my favorite brands.
Winter was long and then magnolias bloomed overnight, the nature started wearing the spring colors. That’s something that moves us – a desire for renewal, new spring – new beginnings. A thousand new ideas, a thousand new outfits and of course, the most important followers of every outfit are details. They are the most important part of the outfit because they tell a lot about the person.

The skirt I’m wearing today stretched from the winter collection to the spring one and it is my favorite piece of clothing. It is my today’s choice because it goes perfectly with all other details. Gucci socks. sandals and the bag are the trendy part of the outfit.
The most important detail today is jewelry. A complete outfit was created thanks to the new Ernesto de Barcelona collection. I’ve been looking forward to new creations of this fantastic brand for several seasons now. The philosophy of this brand is what always inspires me. Jewelry is handmade and of good quality. It is made of natural materials and this brand’s inspiration is endless beauty of nature. I like it because nature is my source of inspiration as well.
For me, the best outfits are those in which we feel great. That’s why I don’t follow every fashion trend. Let’s say that I follow fashion trends on my own way. I add my favorite details and in the end it’s a fashionable creation that it’s not copied from others, often created in my imagination shortly before bedtime.

This time, my imagination has taken me to the deck of the boat where I can observe the surrounding hills, the ocean, palm trees… The magic of the moment is followed by the perfect outfit as well as jewelry which spiritual guide is something majestic and mystic of nature. I added sunglasses and a scarf on my head that seemed to me like a must for this fashion story on the boat called Ernesto de Barcelona!

Outfit Details:


Jewelry                                                                         Ernesto de Barcelona

Skirt                                                                                Zara                                                                                         

Blouse                                                                             Maison Scotch

Bag & Shoes & Socks                                                    Gucci


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