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Have a great Christmas season!


Grey knit dress





"Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. May peace, love and prosperity be with you always!"

So here I am with a short post just before the year ends!
I haven’t written a post for almost 2 months. I didn’t get bored, I didn’t lose inspiration, but my creativity and inspiration moved elsewhere for a while. Fashion passion is an inseparable part of me, that can’t be changed and I am not trying to change it as there’s no meaning in fighting what we love. However, my attention and my time have been dedicated to my family over the past weeks. My life principle is family first and we all need to know where our priorities lie in order to be satisfied with the result, without any regrets.
What are my results this year? I can’t see anything that can be stressed. My 2017 has been a year of work. Work, work, work and moments. The moments I caught and the moment that I chose to focus on, finding piece and concluding the ending period, sure that I gave my all and that I didn’t disappoint anyone and that is the pleasure.
Giving is the greatest pleasure, because the one who gives gains the most. The gifts I received this year were not material, but they enriched my personality and my experience. Aren’t these the most valuable gifts one can get?

Winter fashion is still my favorite topic. I just love the warm and soft fabrics that let us wrap in them and protect us from the coldness. I also love December and the season glitter. I often wear sequins and silk, but always framed with soft knit details. Knit has become my uniform this winter. Long cardigans, colorful pullovers, huge knit scarves and knit dresses, of course!
Grey knit dress from Shein collection has been with me in the final days of December. I have already worn it with jeans and sneakers, also with cashmere stockings and warm UGG boots, but today I chose a glam version with polka dots stockings and overknees. A feminine touch - shoulder off is inspiring for a soft shawl covering the shoulders. I used to see this model on the photos and always wanted to own something like that and Shein really made me happy with this model. My Christmas list is slowly turning to reality and I sincerely wish you all to see your wishes, big and small, come to fruition.

Have a great Christmas season, enjoy the winter days with your families, let yourself break the rules with food and don’t forget that it is the little moment that write our life stories and it’s those moment we remember whenever we take a look back!

Outfit Details:


Grey knit dress                                                                Shein

Scarf                                                                                Zara                                                                                         

Boots                                                                               Sergio Rossi

Bag                                                                                 Gucci


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