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The first days of November are shiny, but in spite of that, it is very chilly. You can’t leave the house without a warm coat anymore. And speaking of coats… Coats are my current obsession! Today I put on a little black dress with red overknees and the coat matched this combination perfectly. I’ve chosen a black and white longline Shein coat. An amazing outfit, a dominant white color combined with black and fire red boots. I was surprised myself by the result. I tried on a few more options, but this was an absolute favorite!

This combination was perfect for the late afternoon downtown and I was happy about the spontaneous compliments. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel the November cold again. That afternoon I wished for more of this moments – when you feel so good that you forget about the cold. The coat and compliments don’t have to be the reason for that. The reason for that should be everything that makes me happy because that is the most important thing, the inner warmth rapidly spreads throughout the body.
My perfect coat is here and my dear fashion people as well. I’ve already created the new combination in my mind and I can’t wait to wear this coat with it. That’s what I like most about the things I buy or get – to be able to create a lot of different looks and that means that that piece of clothing suits my style and that I made a good choice!

Outfit Details:


Coat                                                                                  Shein

Boots                                                                                H & M                                                                                        

Bag                                                                                   Chanel



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