Like a Parisienne


 French chic





"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls "     ( Coco Chanel )

We all know that Parisian style is not easy to copy despite its simplicity. If we succeed in being a bit like Parisians, then we have discovered the secret to the good style.
If we want to be authentic and regarded as being fashionable like Parisians, it takes more than just putting a piece of clothing on. Identification with the style and the piece of Paris in the heart are more important that clothes. Coco Chanel surely comes to mind next when we think about fashion and Paris. When I think of Coco I’m thinking about black and white combinations and pearls. The previous blog posts say a lot about the current inspiration. Today, I feel like a Parisienne and I think about all things Paris!

First, I began with the outfit. I chose Shein pearl sweatshirt and I looked for other suitable details. The combination turned into the black and white classic and the details with pearls matched perfectly. Pearls on my Gucci shoes and socks enhanced the chic touch! The combination really looked French so I added a beret with pearls and Chanel pearl earrings.
Still, something is missing – Paris. And Paris isn’t far so I hope it will be my next destination!

Outfit Details:


Sweater with pearls                                                        Shein

Pants                                                                                 Zara                                                                                         

Bag                                                                                   Chanel

Shoes                                                                                Gucci