Have a "Beary" happy Sunday


 The hottest trend this season!





"You're never too old for a teddy bear!"

The previous days were mixed – it was windy and rainy but the weather stabilized, which is soothing. The cold days can wait. For the first chilly day of this season I picked my teddy coat. Teddy coat is absolutely the hottest trend this season and that’s not a surprise. I simply wonder why it’s not present every winter. It’s cozy and soft, which is just what we need these cold days. And it’s got a really childish feel, the one that reminds us either of our own children or our childhood, filling us with the feelings of love, warmth and security. All of this is already enough to opt for a teddy coat. Who doesn’t need these feelings?

I fell in love with my camo teddy coat from na-kd the moment I put it on. I combined it today with all black and a statement necklace as a detail for a glamour touch. It was a perfect match, I even enjoyed the cold wind – you know that feeling of cosines when it’s cold and you feel warm and great because your clothes suits you. My teddy took a break these days and I am looking forward to wearing it again this weekend and enjoy the wonderful bear moments again! 

At the end of today's post I want to wish you a lovely teddy Sunday and hurry up to order your favorite teddy coat at NA-KD.com ! 

NA-KD offers free shipping worldwide and you should use my discount code "zorica20" for 20% off to your entire purchase!


Camo Teddy Coat                                                  NA-KD

Ripped jeans                                                         Current Elliott                                                                                

Bag                                                                        Gucci

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