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„I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is moder !“ ( Karl Lagerfeld )

Every business and many life situations have their own obstacles that can’t be seen in the photos and on social media. When we look at the photos of smiling people, it seems to us that this world is full of well-being and that everyone is happy.
We, fashion people, also have our own problems sometimes they are huge because nothing goes according to the plan. Between the vacation at my parent’s and travelling to Rome I had one day to unpack and pack bags. The NA-KD package arrived at the right moment and of course, I packed everything I could wear in Rome. Among other things, I packed this shirt and skirt from these photos.

There are many combinations for this styling, but I wanted the combination that I’m showing today, exactly with these Balenciaga boots. We were walking around the Rome for hours and it was very warm and besides the chill hours at the pool, my feet were full of callosities so it wasn’t possible to wear this combination with boots. My plan was unsuccessful.
When we got back home, it was still warm. October offered the last warm day without tights, so I immediately grabbed the combination I couldn’t wear in Rome. That Saturday we were running some errands downtown, the city was crowded and I've got many compliments for my outfit ( that isn’t a common thing here ).
In Rome the spontaneous compliments are common but here people don’t do that, but still my skirt and the entire outfit were followed by: Aaaah, Ooooh and Wow. I think that’s the special reward for our creativity and that encourage us to make some new steps.

Now it comes the most important part for you!

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Direct links to NA - KD outfit below:


Lace pleated skirt                                                    NA-KD

Play dirty T-shirt                                                        NA-KD                                                                                

Bag                                                                            Chloe

Boots                                                                         Balenciaga