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"Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect."

This year, October really loves us. The sun is hugging and warming us for days and the nature is also changing every day, showing off the shades of every color imaginable, leaving us breathless all the time.
The external factors really provide enormous pleasure, but nevertheless, the most beautiful and the most important part is what’s going on in heart, and my heart was filled with a special feeling of sincere love that reminded me of the real-life values as I spent several days with my parents and family.

Lest I forget to mention the second most important element - fashion in October. This October and its ideal autumn weather made it possible for me to wear an early autumn combination for the transitional days and that's what I like the best – a layered clothing that takes imagination! And when I need to use
creativity it turns my regular moments into my perfect moments!

Today I chose a super cozy outfit, one of my favorite styles these days. There is currently a very important piece that goes with everything and that is hoody. Hoody with jeans, hoody with shorts, hoody with my skirt and my current favorite is the grey Romve Fashion hoody with a long Zara satin dress and Vans sneakers. The casually raised hair is a must for us with long we wear hoody and then it all looks very stylish! Lately I've often been wrapped in colors and flowers and today I feel great in total contrast. Grey - black combination is my ideal OOTD and this super soft hoody will surely be following me to my next travel destination!


Outfit Details:


Grey Hooded Sweatshirt                                 Romwe fashion

Dress & Blazer                                                    Zara                                              

Sneakers                                                            Vans        




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