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"Your creative work will tell your story."

October is here! One of the most beautiful autumn months and the month of autumn travels. There are two destinations for me and I am busy these days monitoring the weather situation and the new trends to create my travel creations. I say once again that packing is one of my favorite creative activities. Picking the clothes that will travel with me is almost like choosing a travelling companion. 

Of course, my creations have to reflect the fashion trends but I never copy the others blindly. Perhaps I sometimes buy a piece of clothes because I saw it on someone, but I'm making my creations with that piece.
Packing my suitcases, however, I always leave some space because I’m always planning shopping.
I also flipped through the pics from my last trip to Prague, seeking inspiration and reminding myself of what brought me the most joy during the long walks about the city.

One of the favorites and the comfiest outfit included a striped set, trousers and kimono so I will probably take it again, but I will
create something new with these pieces this time. The colors are ideal for the fall fashions and the style is great for layered dressing when the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are warm, and that’s also the weather forecast for my destinations. The suit cases are ready and now I'm waiting for the day to come.

Outfit Details:

Kimono & Pants                                 Zara                                                 

Slippers                                                Gucci                                                                                                                           

Bag                                                     Chanel



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