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"Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colorful."

Today I managed to combine all the items that are a must in the fashion world currently. I love this outfit style because besides being really fashionable, it is extremely comfy. A long sequins skirt in combination with shiny sneakers, a sweatshirt and floral details – oversized denim floral jacket and a floral bag.
Many photos in the media from the previous fashion weeks in the most important fashion metropoles look like my today’s outfit or I chose the outfit by looking at those photos. However, the most important are: oversized sweaters, long skirts, colorful overknees, sneakers, florals and everything is colorful. This kind of fashion is made for me! Dominant colors are red, pink, green, orange… maybe more but anyways – colors are important!

People start wearing dark colors when nature becomes darker and this is an ideal contrast. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rainy, or whether the leaves are falling or it’s sunny, colors are here to light up the gloomy days and the other ones.
Cozy and colorful outfit attracted many comments and guess from whom… people who work in fashion and who are in love with fashion. I have the mutual understanding with people who love fashion and I love those moments. After all, we are happy in all life fields when people around us understand us.


Outfit Details:


Skirt                                                      H&M

Sneakers                                             Golden Goose                                                                                                                                                                            

Bag                                                     Gucci

Jacket                                                 Zara

Sweater                                              Shein


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