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 Love and freedom





"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't come back, it was never meant to be."

On Sundays everyone feels special and Sunday is always different from other days. When someone asks me what is most important to me and I have to reply quickly, I always say love and freedom. Sunday is usually filled with love and when I feel completely free. When it’s is all rainy it turns into a pyjamas day. And most of the Sundays are marked by an easy styling.
During a relationship crisis, when I was separated from my partner I had this attitude: Let the bird free and if it returns, it will be by your side forever. I gave my partner freedom because only when the one is free actually can be happy and make the right choices. I always identify Sunday with freedom and that’s why I love it.

Today is one of those Sundays that I love so much and I chose the outfit to match such feelings. Shein blue kimono with flying birds print and the flying birds remind of freedom, right? Kimono is also an ideal choice for Sunday cozy feelings. During a day with flat sandals and in the afternoon which I spent with my friend I put on high heels because when you have a date with the stylish friend some chic details is never too much. 

Outfit Details:


Kimono                                                          Shein

Jeans                                                             Mango                                                                                         

Bag & Top                                                     Firetrap                                                                      

Flat Sandals                                                  Ash       

High heels                                                     Liu Jo

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