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More days like this!


 Chic fall days...





"..and all at once, summer collapsed into fall. "     ( Oscar Wilde )

I don’t know if I’ve already said this at the beginning of summer or spring. I hope not because fall is my favorite season. Fall creates my days. When these warm days come I forget about my duties and like a butterfly I spend a lot of time outside because I don’t want to miss anything.
The only problem is the outfit. There are so many combinations I would like to wear these days and I’m scared I wouldn’t have enough time for all of them. The new Shein blazer is perfect for these beautiful days. I love white color in all seasons and especially in the winter. Previous days looked more like summer than fall and I got the opportunity to wear overknees. Boots with bare legs is almost impossible because it is either too cold or too hot. Shein tweed blazer is really beautiful and  faux fur details make it extremely chic.

It was hard to decide what to wear this wonderful afternoon because everything seems perfect. Starry dress with lace details matched perfectly my blazer and overknees in this combinations are very important detail. When I arrived in the old part of the city, I looked the trees around the parking lot all surprised because the leaves were slowly becoming yellowish and those the first leaves in the color of gold this season. I enjoyed the ice cream, evening drink, I was watching the people… Later at home when I was browsing through the photos I only wanted one thing – more days like this one! 

Outfit Details:


Tweed Blazer                                                         Shein

Overknees                                                             Zara                                                                                         

Bag                                                                        Chanel

Dress                                                                    Jacky Luxury


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