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Enjoy life...

Enjoy life...

"The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out every day."

 When I talk to people I usually get a feeling that they are not satisfied with the present circumstances in their lives. A something else would always be way better for them at the moment. In the summertime, I often hear complaints like “it’s very hot outside” or “I am sweating and I can’t breathe”. Then again, in the winter, I hear complaints like “it’s very cold outside”, “it’s very dark”, “everything is in the doldrums”; It’s not much different when they talk about their current affairs “If only we could do this or that”, and so on and so forth. With all that constant wailing we make ourselves unhappy. I have a feeling that people are missing the life full of miracles and beauty. They don’t enjoy life because they are constantly seeking something else. But things can be different. I tried and I swear it works.

It’s simple, it’s efficient and it’s feasible: we need to accept the events as they come, to accept our current life situation and to do our best to improve it. Here is an example: You need to admit that winter and snow are beautiful! There is not that much snow every winter. So, we need to enjoy what we have today - and that is a lot of snow. We mustn’t think about what we don’t have today. And still questions like “But how can we enjoy when it’s cold and wet outside?” are heard. First, you need to put on appropriate outfit, and then go outside and have fun on the snow! There are plenty of winter games like making a snowman, snowballing, sleighing. That’s what we have today thanks to snow. My today’s look is inspired with this story. My grey woolen knitted dress is perfect for winter season. By just looking at it I already feel warm. My woolen hat, lamb’s wool coat, warm boots and winter stockings finally have a chance to leave the closet!

Well, when I see myself in the mirror I’m totally satisfied with my look and now I am going outside to seize the day!

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