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The inspiration is all around us...

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."  Michelangelo

Today I have the pleasure of giving my outfit one special effect: Ernesto de Barcelona jewelry, from Barcelona! I’m very happy and excited for having the opportunity to collaborate with this wonderful designer brand and this blog post is inspired by their work. I could continue today’s blog post to the previous one when I was talking about accessories and the effect they make on the outfit. Sometimes we get to love the style of some celebrity, and when we take a better look at it, it is usually a simple style made delightful with accessories.

I put on an asymmetrical cashmere pullover with brown leather pants and brown high heels. I got inspired for this outfit by studying the beautiful forms and colors of this unique handmade jewelry whose design had in turn been inspired by the elements of earth and water and made of recycled eco materials. I define a creative life as an inspirational life style and the pleasure of creation. Michelangelo once said the sculptures were already in every stone, all he had to do was remove the redundant stone parts. The artistic jewelry by the talented Ernesto de Barcelona team seems to be created according to this principle of Michelangelo.

Every piece of this mesmerizing jewelry contains the elements from our planet, with the redundant parts removed. Use of wood and natural eco materials reminds me of the importance of caring for our beautiful planet and the use of natural resources. The inspiration is in fact all around us, all it takes is an eye to see and the mind to connect the seen.

The scarf around my neck felt great on a chilly October afternoon, naturally in the matching shades, as well as chic element sunglasses. I took a ride down to the lake as I needed the element of water to feel the magic of the moment in its entirety. United with the nature, surrounded by the inspirational elements of the jewelry’s design, I simply enjoyed the daydreaming. The sound of waves and the glittering water surface inevitably recalled the brand’s philosophy: “… awake the desire of sea travelling and keeping special memories of sunny days spent on the shores of the magical places of our beautiful planet...

In the end, I heartily recommend you visit www.ernestodebarcelona.com and get your own unique talisman from this fantastic collection and try to lead a creative life as it is the only way of to turn every day to magic...


Gorgeous "Natura" wood collection for this autumn. They delivered the pieces in 5 days from Spain and the service was really excelent!


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